I have come to the conclusion that I need to get my thoughts in line.  The reason I say this is because I typically start a lot of different things and yet rarely finish them.  For instance, in my own life right now, I am working my way through two different books.  One of them is about the foundations of church and the other is one for my own personal reflection.  It got me thinking though, because I had the desire to start another book, and yet I know that I don’t need to.  Instead, I need to actually finish these two before moving on.  Or at least, finish one completely before opening another.  I don’t know why, but I have the overwhelming burden to start things and then I get caught up on something else before fully soaking in everything that I need to with the first one….or second one….or third one, whichever it may be.

Another one is the projects around our house.  I should have had the small project of putting up the new railing in our closets finished two months, but I wanted to start the demo of our den last week.  I was quickly reminded that I needed to finish the closets first.  See, this is a prominent problem in my life.

I think among the many New Year’s Resolutions that I will create and end up breaking by January 20th, this would be one of the few that I would want to actually see throughout the rest of the year.  For instance, creating an actual blog worth following and my own site was one of mine for last year and has been for the past couple and you see where it gets me.  One post every quarter and I’m doing good.  Maybe I need to step back and just try and get a few out per week.  Is that the key?  Or is the key to actually finishing something entirely different?


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