Follow Up

I just wanted to follow up on the thoughts I posted yesterday.  When I say that I am working through multiple things, I really did mean it.  If you happened to catch my tweets last night, you would have noticed that I am starting to dabble in web development.  The reason I am doing this is two fold.  One, I have always been intrigued by the thought of digital media.  I like the editing and visual side of life, probably more than I enjoy accounting and business.  I’m not sure why and I’m even less sure why I didn’t choose it as a career path.  Maybe with some basic skills I will one day be able to do a little freelance work on the side.  We’ll see where that goes.

The second is because I have been kicking around the idea of having my own website for the past year or so.  I don’t need anything flashy to sell you a product, but one where people could keep in touch with me and our family and hopefully provide some entertainment.  In addition to this, I would like to be able to implement a better design for my church’s website.  It’s in dire need of a spruce up, and sadly, I am the most knowledgeable one to undertake this.  I say all this to remind myself to not get too caught up with trying to be the master of everything.  For those who care, the books I am trying my hardest to work through right now are:

innovatechurch – Jonathan Falwell

InnovateChurch: 8 Innovative Ways to Lead and Grow the Church

This is one that I should have finished a long time ago as I’ve had the book since probably April after I attended the Refuel conference at Thomas Road Baptist Church.  My pastor has declared it mandatory reading for all staff members.  He knew I had it and was reading it.  He just hasn’t asked me questions about it since probably August.  Hopefully I can finish it before too much longer so I can check another to-do item off my list.  It’s really got a lot of stuff in it and trying to remember everything in it is quite difficult.

Chazown – Craig Groeschel

Chazown: Define Your Vision. Pursue Your Passion. Live Your Life on Purpose.

This is the book that I’m trying to work through for my own personal enjoyment.  For some reason I tend to stay away from most fiction books and read ones that may actually teach me something applicable to my life.  I’ve only made it through the first chapter and still have yet to do the exercise that Craig recommends before continuing.  I’m anxious to try and make it through this as I found a really good deal on these yesterday along with the DVD set that I would like to see if it makes sense for us to pursue doing this as a study for our church.

After I finish these, I’ve got a backlog of books that I’ve added to my library when I caught them on sale and planned to read them.  I’ve got enough to probably last me a year without buying any new ones.  At the rate I’m going though, they could last me five years.

What about you?  What is one thing you wish you would have finished this past year that you did not complete?


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