Book Review – The Air I Breathe

Louie Giglio is leaving an impact on modern Christianity far beyond anyone’s greatest imagination. What initially started as a gathering of college students has birthed what is known as what could be best described as a movement. Passion has taken hold in the lives of millions of people across this globe, but enough about the movement. The Air I Breathe has recently been rereleased with a new cover. This is, from what I can tell, the very same book.


One thing I must mention is that I am glad Giglio included discussion questions in the back after the main portion of the book. This will help lead small groups and individuals to actually ponder the thoughts he poses. Overall the book is a quick, easy to read overview of worship and how it truly is a way of life and not something that happens only when we gather with other Christians.

The main point of the book is that we are worshipping regardless of whether we think we are or not and our focus ought to be directed towards God for what he has done and is doing. This worship is to be lived out and not just spoken. While this is not an in-depth dive into the theology of worship, this is a practical book that reiterates the basic premises. It would be an excellent book for a young Christian wanting to understand a little bit more about worship.

As a side note, I can definitely tell Giglio’s writing style has changed throughout the years since this original publication. I, for one, am alright with that change.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review. The words above are my own and have not been influenced in any manner by the author or publisher aside from the manuscript and content of the book.


You’ve Got Dreams

You have dreams. You have goals. I know this because you are reading this. I do not count the robots from Google reading this, but thanks. What we (and I say we because I count myself in this category quite often) lack is the ability to follow through on these. For whatever excuse we use, most of us will not ever complete the task we dream of doing. Michael Hyatt is out to fix that issue.


Sure, he may not be able to make the effort and work easier, but he can help us hit our goals. In his new book Your Best Year Ever, Hyatt guides us in proven steps to help us accomplish our goals. This book is relatively short and is an easy read, but the contents are worth more than what you pay. You could easily read this in one day if you sat down with your morning cup of coffee, but it should not be read that way. Instead, to grasp the full extent of the content, one must chew on it and digest it. Trust me when I say chew. It will be better that way.

Now is the perfect opportunity to pick this book up and do some planning for the next year. As we are still at the beginning of January, there is a lot of time left in the year to accomplish things. If we not only dream big, but make a smart plan, we can do a lot. Michael’s plan is a great way to fulfill those dreams.

I would recommend this book to people that are serious about tackling their careers, relationships, and taking control of their life. As a business major, I had heard of SMART goals, but Michael expands on this and uses SMARTER goals. That is just one of the things you can expect to read about to put into action to make your life succeed.

As a side note, I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The words above are my own and have not been influenced in any way by the author or publisher outside of the written manuscript.

Christ-Centered Exposition – John

The new Christ-Centered Exposition books from B&H are phenomenal. I have a couple in my library now and it up until this point, none have disappointed. To be sure, I knew I had to get my hands on the one dedicated to the Gospel of John.


This one is thicker than some of the others. Of course, I would expect that compared to Ecclesiastes simply because John takes up more of the Bible and there is more to unpack. I greatly enjoy the fact that each chapter is not only discussed in depth, but there are reflection questions that highlight the teachings. These are great for personal and small group discussions.

I like that the authors are always eager to keep these in very easy to read sentences. You do not have to possess a degree from a seminary to understand these. They are written for the layperson and the doctorate of ministry alike. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this writing on John as it is one of my favorite New Testament books.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review. The words are my own and have not been edited in any way by the authors or publisher.

Book Review: Come Let Us Adore Him

Those that know me in real life know me as one who is always in the mood to throw on some Christmas music and eat some fruitcake. Alright, maybe not quite the second one. However, I am one that is known to be in the holiday spirit all year long. When I saw Paul David Tripp had an Advent devotional coming out, I knew it would be good. What I did not know was how good it would be.


Yes, I may have started the holiday season early this year, but honestly who is keeping count? Come Let Us Adore Him is another high quality devotional by Tripp. The short, daily devotionals are well-written, easy to understand, and yet draw you back into the mystery of the miracle of Christmas. There is even a nice ribbon to help keep your place as you progress through the season.

To say this is an Advent devotional is not false, but one surprising fact to me was that there are thirty-one days of devotional content. It is geared for the entire month of December. That takes a great thing and makes it even better. The size of this book is almost perfect to not take up too much space, but allows ample room on the hearty pages to take notes without much worry of your thoughts bleeding through.

If you have never taken advantage of an Advent devotional or observed the season of Advent, let this new collection help you. This would be an excellent starting point to seeing the virgin birth in a new light.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review. The words above are my own and have not been influenced in any manner by the author or publisher.

Book Review: Uncomfortable

If you have attended church more than once, you are bound to have had an uncomfortable experience. I say that because you may have skirted by the first time, but if you went a second time, something strange probably happened. As someone that has been around the church for quite some time, I have had my share of odd situations. Thankfully, they have not been enough to scare me away, but they could have been. Uncomfortable by Brett McCracken is a new book that not only addresses this idea, but others as well.


Uncomfortable is the perfect name for this book for multiple reasons. McCracken is quick to acknowledge that despite how much church leadership can try to avoid these, they will happen. He does not stop there though. He encourages us to push forward in spite of these situations and embrace the uncomfortable nature of the church. One argument for this is that we grow in these awkward places.

Throughout the book McCracken continues to drive home the truth that Christians are too quick to leave a church in our day and age. Rather than sticking through the tough situations, we leave at the drop of the hat for whatever reason. Most of the reasons people leave a church are not ones that should be taken to heart. Instead, they are ones that are typically petty and very mild. Uncomfortable made me just that, uncomfortable, but it is only because I saw how comfortable we try to make the experience of going to church.

If there was ever a timely book to encourage us as inch closer to the new year and new resolutions, it is this one. We should all seek to live our lives a little more uncomfortable this next year.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review. The words written above are my own and have not been influenced in any way by the author or publisher.

Lost Sermons of C.H. Spurgeon Vol 2

When I saw that B&H was releasing these lost sermons of C.H. Spurgeon, I knew that I needed to get a copy. When the first edition was released, I immediately added it to my collection. In it is a multitude of wisdom and a look at the life of one of the greatest preachers to walk this earth. When I saw that they were releasing a second volume, I knew I would have to add it as well.

Spurgeon Lost Good

The second volume obviously contains different manuscripts and different photos than the first. However, there are a lot of similarities. Each page is laid out in a wonderful fashion and has a nice thickness to it. This collection is easy to follow and is much better than solely having the manuscript and having to read the handwriting. After all, handwriting has changed over the years and that does not even account for an individual’s style.

I am convinced that no matter where you are in your Christian walk, you will find something in this collection to your benefit. If you are a ministry leader, I am sure that you will be able to incorporate it into your future teaching. If you simply like to have impressive books on your bookshelf, this is one of those as well. I would beg you though, do not be that person. Open it up and let the words of an impressive man of God further push you towards the heart of God.

I received this book for free in exchange for an unbiased review. The words here are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

Book Review: Words From The Hill

Stu Garrard is most famous for being a musician and apart of the globally known Delirious? praise and worship band that hit the scene in the 1990s. While that lasted for a couple of decades, Stu G has now decided to venture into the land of writing. I am thankful that he did not decide to solely stick to music. His first book is Words From The Hill.


This book is all about the most famous sermon of Jesus called The Beatitudes. This is the sermon that includes all the “blessed” people that we often find ourselves in throughout various stages of life. Rather than simply diving into more study of what it means to be meek or to mourn, Garrard seeks to introduce us to people that are living out these words. The people he spotlights in this books are ones that have taken the words of Jesus at their literal meaning and are living out their faith in ways that most of us cannot even imagine.

This book was released at the perfect time as we need to seek to live out our faith instead of simply pondering what the words mean. I have seen too many Christians get bogged down in simply studying what the words of the Bible mean in the original language and how that transfers to a modern society that they fail to actually apply them to life. It is easier to sit in huddles and debate than it is to live them. That is what Stu is trying to combat.

If you have been a fan of Delirious or simply want to take a fresh look at the Sermon on the Mount, I would encourage you to read this book. While you are at it, check out the entire project by Stu including audio and visual elements as well. This is one thought out project that was an impressive feat to pull off.

I received this book for free in exchange for an unbiased review. My words above are my own and have not been influenced in any manner by the publisher or author.