Unashamedly Pro-Life

Let me state upfront that I am still working through what it means to be completely pro-life. I understand that when most people hear that word they think about whether or not a person supports abortion and the right for a woman to choose whether or not to continue a pregnancy. I recognize that the issues go deeper than just this one situation, but for the sake of this post, that is where I am focusing my efforts. Related specifically to this definition, I am unashamedly pro-life.

I get that may be a difficult and even unpopular opinion to hold in today’s society; however, that is my camp. In some ways, I found it easy to say this all the time through high school and college, but found had to confront it face to face during my wife’s first pregnancy. We wrestled with a difficult situation during that season of our life.

We were over the moon excited about the thought of our first child being born. We had some things planned out and even figured out an expected due date. Things sort of transpire in that way and rapidly. From the very first doctor’s appointment, you are given a due date as if to somehow prepare you for the arrival of a child (for fair warning, no matter how many steps you have taken, it is not enough). What we did not expect is for the doctor to give a pause and a sigh.

From that very point, I knew that something was not quite right; however, in the moment the doctor sought to console us and told us to come back in a few days. He thought (maybe, it remains a mystery) that he may have just missed being able to detect a heartbeat.  Through a heart-breaking and gut-wrenching couple of weeks and multiple doctor’s visits, the pregnancy simply was not viable. There was nothing that we did or did not do that could have altered the state of the pregnancy. We were simply apart of another statistic in life.

One of the interesting things that the doctor told us was that there was new evidence that suggested that a large percentage of pregnancies ended with a miscarriage. He stated that the evidence suggested it could be fifty-percent or more. Whether or not this percentage is true, the experience marked me forever. After seeing and living this first-hand, I know just a small part of what it is like to live with these emotions. Our second pregnancy brought forth a beautiful, healthy girl who will turn two years old in just a couple of months. Add to it the fact that I am a man, I do not begin to claim that I am an expert.

What I do know is that it further engrained in me my belief in being against abortion. In that brief period of a couple of weeks, I truly saw just how valuable and unpredictable life can be at times. There is no such thing as a guarantee. The fact that a pregnancy results in a birth is nothing short of miraculous. Protecting life is important to me because I recognize how fast the hope of life can be gone. In relation to this, there is a new movie coming out that is all about protecting an innocent life.



Wraith (rāth) noun: a ghost or ghostlike image of someone, especially one seen after, or shortly before, their death

Something’s very wrong in the Lukens’ house.

After living uneventfully for years in their historic home, the Lukens family have somehow awakened a ghostly presence. Who is this frightening spirit and why won’t it leave their 14 year-old daughter, Lucy, alone?

Everything changed when Dennis and Katie Lukens discovered they were pregnant again. Expecting in your 40’s is always high-risk and dangerous, so when the Lukens decide all options are on the table – including termination – the unexpected starts to happen. Sinister forces are now conspiring against the family. But is this eerie, wraith-like spirit actually trying to haunt them…or help them?

Wraith is available on all VOD platforms and Blu-ray/DVD May 8th.  


From writer-director Michael O. Sajbel, Wraith explores the super-natural story of a family who invites evil into their home after they decide they may not go forward with an unplanned pregnancy. Sajbel, who previously directed One Night With the King based on the Biblical story of Esther was raised Catholic, wanted to present a story about protecting the most innocent of life. “Growing up in a household rooted in God was my biggest influence when I decided to become a filmmaker. On my application to film school at UCLA, when I filled out the forms there was one question in particular that asked, “Why do you want to go to our film school?” I thought I’d put God to the test and put down that I wanted to make films that honor Jesus Christ and spread the gospel throughout the world.” He was accepted which began his journey into filmmaking.

When it came to the sensitive subject about pro-life, he wanted a different take by creating a supernatural-thriller. Sajbel, who is a father of three adopted children, believes in the sanctity of all life. “I had not seen a film about this subject matter presented this way and wanted audiences to have fun with a little twist but to also incorporate a very important message about valuing all life no matter how complicated it can get. We see the Lukens couple struggle with this decision about whether they can afford another child and Mrs. Lukens age and how there could be medical complications and her overall concerns with having a baby at her age. I wanted to convey that no matter what – God provides and the value of protecting an innocent life.  Wraith gives us a chance to present this important message in a very unique way.”

Website: www.wraiththemovie.com

Hashtag: #Wraiththemovie

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Rating: PG-13

VOD/DVD Release date: May 8, 2018

Cast: Jackson Hurst, Ali Hillis, Lance Henriksen, Jensen Buchanan, Catherine Frances, Lily Hansen

Director: Michael O. Sajbel

Writer: Michael O. Sajbel

Producer: Dennis H. Ranke, Michael O. Sajbel

Director of Photography: Antonio Mata

Composer: James Covell

Like us on Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/wraiththemovie/

Twitter:                       https://twitter.com/wraiththemovie

Instagram:                   https://www.instagram.com/wraithmovie



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