Thought Overload

I really need to be posting things here more often. I suppose posting is not the best terminology. Anyone can hit the post button and throw something up on the internet to live forever. Rather, I need to take the time to sit and hammer out some words. Not only will it help keep the creative juices flowing, but it will also hopefully allow my brain to process the thoughts that I do have.

I do not know if my brain ever slows down. I would not say that I need a therapist or anything like that, but rather my brain always runs scenarios, sequences, word analysis, and a host of other things without slowing down. I can have a conversation with someone and be analyzing their choice of words and actions while trying to figure out if any of it will fit with an upcoming sermon and continuing to dwell on the Scripture and book I read earlier that morning. My brain is a scary place.

Writing helps me take these thoughts captive for a few moments to put together a coherent string of words. It is a little refreshing, if we are being honest.

More on this to come….


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