Designed To Lead

To say that I am slow to post a review for this book is an understatement. However, there is so much to unpack in this book that it needs a few months to simmer. While it is just north of two hundred pages, I feel like there is enough material in here for a year or more of training. I am astonished that Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck were able to jam that much information into Designed To Lead, but they have. It is a book all about the church and its role in leadership development.


Geiger and Peck convey the importance, no the necessity of having the church take its role seriously when it comes to leadership development. They argue (and I would agree from experience) that the church has shrugged off this responsibility for far too long and not only our churches have suffered, but also our businesses and other organizations. While some would argue that the church has no business developing leaders, that is simply a myth.

Through the book we see an outline of this process that is simple and yet overwhelming. We can see the simplicity of it, but it is easy to see the overwhelming nature of continually focusing our churches and organizations on striving to equip the next leaders. I do not know that I have encountered a better book on the church’s role in leadership development.

I like that Geiger and Peck do not simply make up their own statistics and state their opinions as fact, but rather that they use polls and other studies to support their argument. I am also forever grateful to the authors for not simply telling us what is wrong and how we are to do it, but providing necessary outlines and framework to keep our churches completing this task.

As a church planter, I have already started using this book and will lean on it as our church continues to grow and we need more leaders. I also want to equip leaders outside the church to infiltrate their places of employment and this book also gives me guidance on how to do that. It is an invaluable resource that will be well worn when my life is over. I cannot speak of this book enough.

To be clear, I did receive this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review. My glowing review above is my own and the words have not been altered in any way by anyone associated with the book other than the content. Seriously, get this book!

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