Book Review: Detours

Although I would not consider myself familiar with Tony Evans, I follow him on social media and have heard a couple of messages from him and when the opportunity presented itself to join the launch team of his new book Detours, I jumped. Through this book, we follow along with the story of Joseph in the Old Testament. We learn how he was on a detour, but God brought him to the place where he needed to be at just the right time.


It is easy for us to see our detours as something that is out to end our progress towards a goal, but this book helps us frame these detours as a blessing. Evans does occasionally leave the journey of Joseph to supplement his words with other Scripture, but he always comes back to Joseph. I enjoyed this because I enjoy hearing new takes on a familiar passage of Scripture. I do think Joseph is the best Biblical person to describe the truth of detours. His story is unlike anything many of us will experience on the surface, but as Evans uncovers, our story is a lot like his.

Regardless of how we wind up on our detour, we should know that we are there for a purpose. One of the things that Evans mentions in the book that is something that I had never considered is the truth that often your detours are for your own protection. It does not necessarily mean that God is protecting you from someone or something down the path and has to move them, but rather it could be a timing issue. We may have things in our life that need to mature before we are ready to handle a specific situation. The detour that we are on may be used for our protection as we are not ready to face the pressure of a particular situation.

One line from the book stood out to me and I am still struggling to fully understand the depth of it. Evans says, “Trials call your faith to the witness stand to testify to the condition of your spiritual health.” Every trial that I face in life is going to be different. There may be similar trials in life, but they will all have their slight variations. The purpose of those is to testify to the condition of my spiritual health. When my faith is called to the stand in the courtroom of life, the condition of my spiritual health will be made known. The problem is that it will not only be known to me, but to those around me.

I greatly enjoyed reading this new book and encourage you to pick it up if you need encouragement in your current season of life. I was honored to have the opportunity to be apart of the launch team and receive a copy of the book for free, but I would encourage you to purchase one. My endorsement of the book is of my own and has not been influenced in any way by the publisher or the author outside of the printed words in the book.


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