I Am Thomas

Doubts come and go. There are times in life where everything is going great and then something tragic happens that somehow manages to pull the proverbial rug right out from underneath us. I have had my fair share of trying situations in the past where I struggled with my faith. I had to wrestle with the doubts of my own whether I was committed to the cause of Christ or if I should throw off the teachings.

I have learned to lean on it because during those trying times it is the only place to go. Although we would like to lean on friends, the most troubling times are often when our friends end up forsaking us. Rather than getting bitter, those times have managed to drive me to a deeper faith in Christ and his teachings.

The story of Thomas is applicable in modern times like this because we can see a man who has invested years of his life following a teacher that he hoped would be around longer than just three years. Thomas had spent time following Jesus and had expected him to produce some other outcome than a death on the cross. He had his hopes and dreams shattered after this leader died.

We will sacrifice years of our lives for friendships, corporations, and marriages and ultimately some will fail. There will be a friendship that is ruined because someone walks away. There will be a job that is suddenly gone after the boss sells the company. There will be marriages that are ruined because a spouse decides that you are no longer enough. However deep this wound may cut, this should not be the end of our faith.

When Thomas was least expecting it, Jesus appeared and comforted him. When we least expect it Jesus will walk right into our life and comfort us. It may not be when we wanted it and we would have preferred to avoided the situation entirely, but Jesus will always shop up when the time is right. We simply have to hold hope and wait on him to arrive.

Season 2 of Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact Forgery premieres Sunday, March 5 at 9 PM ET/PT on CNN. I encourage you to tune in as we search for Jesus. I have linked the trailer below for your viewing pleasure.

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