Book Review: Kingdom Family Devotional

There are a lot of devotionals on the market today; however, it is difficult to find one that is engaging for the entire family. Being a new dad I had started to search the market to see if I could find any that will work for us in the future. I saw that Tony and Jonathan Evans were releasing a family devotional, I knew this would be a perfect opportunity to look at it. While my daughter is still too young to involve in devotionals as she is only seven months old, I can see this one being used by my family in the future.


The binding and cover of the book seem tough enough to endure daily use for a couple of years. It would also look nice on a shelf while not in use during the day. The print is easy to read and the daily devotions are not too lengthy to lose interest of young readers. This is important as the whole purpose of a family devotional is for the entire family and not just the parents.

As expected, this devotional covers a variety of topics and ultimately summarizes the daily idea to one question or one suggestion every day. For instance, on one devotion about giving, it encourages each member of the family to choose something from around their home that they can giveaway that day. I appreciate the thoughtfulness to keep the main idea at the forefront of each day and to summarize it in a way that even a young child can understand.

I would imagine that this devotional will work best for children in elementary school as the words could be difficult for a child of three years to comprehend. I suppose a valid response to that would be that is another advantage is it allows the parent to interpret and spend time with their child instead of simply rushing to check a box on their daily routine. To have the Focus on the Family endorsement does not hurt this devotional either.

I recommend this as a devotional to families as it contains a full year of material while not getting too lengthy. It would make an excellent choice for busy families as well because it is fifty-two weeks of five days. There are two free days each week for you to determine which ones those are as they best fit with your calendar.

I received this book for free from the publisher. The words expressed here are my own and have not been influenced in any way by the authors or the publisher.


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