My Favorite Hillsong Song

The title seems generic and almost a tongue twister to where you question if this will be a thoughtful post. Truthfully, it is and my answer is different today than it was last year and that it will be next year.

Narrowing down the catalogue of Hillsong songs is quite difficult. It’s difficult enough as it is, but if you consider United and Young & Free, you add even more great songs that fight their way to the top. I have always had a drawing towards the United stuff simply because I believe it resonated with me more during my teen years than the Hillsong Worship and Y&F was not even an idea there. So, what is my favorite Hillsong song?

Right now I would have to select Scandal of Grace as my top song from Hillsong. Could it change tomorrow? Yes. Will it change? Maybe. This one has meant a lot to me since I first heard it a few years back. It was reinforced even more after my visit to Hillsong New York where Brian Houston brought a message by the same title. It helped solidify just how scandalous the death of Christ was and still is. When you understand the nature of a scandal and how Jesus was willing to be involved in this for us, it puts everything else in perspective.

That’s my favorite song from any Hillsong outfit at the moment. I hope to hear more songs just like it on the big screen when I view their new movie Let Hope Rise when it is released on September 16th.

Do go out and support the film. I have known about it for quite some time now and am even more excited now than I was when it was first mentioned.

Do you have a favorite song from Hillsong? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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