Falling Leaves

Fallen leaves begging to be crunched.

Let me first say that I enjoy every season. There is something about living in the season that the calendar reflects and making the post of those days. I think if you try to rush your days, you end up missing out on the things God is doing right now because you are more focused on the future. This post is not about living in the present though. That is for another time. This post is about how Fall (or Autumn if you call it that) is right around the corner. 

I first noticed the weather hinting at the change a couple of weeks ago while mowing the lawn. While there were not many and it did not cause me to break out a rake, it did ensure I would pause to check the date on my phone. 

The second time I realized the seasonal change was upon us was when I was walking in the front door after driving home from the office. When I got rose out of my car, I immediately felt the wind whipping against my back and it felt cooler. Later that evening Leighann and I took our daughter and dog on a walk through the neighborhood and I noticed the wind kept blowing. By the time we had made it home it was noticeably cooler than it had been in the evenings prior to this day. 

I can tell when the seasons are changing when I notice specific landmarks changing. There is a large tree that I pass on an almost daily basis as I drive up the interstate on my commute. Earlier this week it began to show signs of orange and yellow. This is the first tree that changes before Summer ends. I know that regardless of whether or not I wanted it to end, Summer is fleeting and there is nothing I can do to stop it. 

These are just three of the signs that I have noticed that Fall is nearing its arrival. That does not include the sounds of the bugs I hear at night or other guideposts that mark the way towards the end of the summer. I know that the calendar gives us another month or so before Fall begins, but in a blink it will be here. 

Have you noticed any signs of the seasons changing where you live? Do you get to experience all four seasons? What is one last thing you want to do before the summer officially ends?

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