Book Review: Unreasonable Hope

Life is not always going to make sense. If someone told you that when you became a Christian, life would always be about puppies and roses, they lied. To follow Jesus does not mean that life is without pain and suffering, but rather  you have a hope that helps you get through the pain. It is a hope that allows you to process things differently than everyone else. I do not want to make life out to be gloom and doom, but rather express the truth that life often has moments where you ask where God was or why He would allow something to happen. That is exactly where Chad Veach and his wife found their life early on in their daughters existence.


The Veach’s daughter was born with a rare condition called lissencephaly where the brain does not develop like it should. Rather than continuing to progress, it quits developing at an early stage and causes a living nightmare. Instead of seeing your child enjoy life and learn new things, you constantly have to worry if they are going to get strangled on something and if they will make it through the next seizure. From the way he describes it, it is a horrendous condition that would be difficult to make it through without the hope of Jesus.

Thankfully, that is where the Veach family has kept their faith. Despite tough conditions and often a lot of doubts and questions, the Veach family continues to hope in Jesus. Chad explains how they are able to view their daughter differently because of their faith. In a world where it is easy to give up and make an excuse, they decide to continue on their journey. Admitting that they do not know how long they will have their daughter, they have used it as an opportunity to minister and share the hope of Christ with many. I admire their tenacity. As a father of a daughter who recently surpassed the one month mark, I often wonder if I would react the same way. I pray that I would, but I do not know.

If you are going through a trying season right now where things seem to be falling apart, you need to read this book. If things are going splendid and cannot seem to be better, you also need to read this book. Some day there will be something happen that will catch you off guard if you do not prepare yourself. If you find the faith that Chad Veach did, you will endure the season.

I received this book for free in exchange for an unbiased review. The words written are my own and have not been influenced by the author or publisher in any way.

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