Are You Rooted?

Most of us are rooted to something. Some are rooted to family, rooted in tradition, or rooted in our stubborn ways. Whatever it is that we find ourselves rooted in, we did not just happen there by chance. In the same way, our faith in God is not something that just happens. We must strive to play an active role in it.


Banning Liebscher has a new book called Rooted which is all about three areas of your life that God can help deepen your roots. Through the soils of intimacy, serving, and community God can graft a root system that will allow you to not only withstand the storms of life, but allow you to flourish. As Liebscher is quick to point out, these are hidden areas for the most part. These are things that people will not see.

In fact, he believes that this waiting period and these times you are waiting to sprout forth are the times that you need. These are times that God is protecting you from the spotlight in order to help you root your life so deep in Him that you will not be swayed.

Throughout my own life I have seen the lack of roots uproot many Christians and many leaders. Rather than waiting, they want to be in the spotlight too early. Rather than wanting to take the time to invest in hardening their root system and spreading it as far as the eye can see, they would rather be the first to push through the soil.

Banning uses examples of his own life to show how important these things are to the life of a believer. He believes that every person has a calling on their life and is one that can be known. He does believe it should be something that we wake every day trying to set right in the world, but just because God has called us to it does not mean that we are immediately ready to act. Like King David, Banning encourages us to allow God to work in our lives through these three areas before we take our role.

I would recommend this book to anyone who feels a call to a position of leadership, but is not sure of the next step to make. Rather than going at it blindly, let this book help you figure out your next step.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review. The words are my own and have not been influenced in any way by the author or the publisher.

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