Freak Out!

I want to state up front that I am not one that struggles with anxiety. At times, my life can be overwhelming and I end up feeling overwhelmed, but I have not battled long seasons of anxiety or depression. It seems as if these feelings eventually fade in my life. What means is that I cannot understand what individuals who are afflicted by this go through. What it does not mean is though is that I should try not to gain insight into this condition that impacts millions of people.

_240_360_Book.1876.coverThe probability of you knowing someone who suffers from anxiety is staggering. It is something that impacts people from all walks of life and sometimes remains invisible until something finally breaks. We may walk by and talk to people who are battling anxiety without even knowing it. Often people are skilled at hiding it for a multitude of reasons. They may feel like they have to hold it together for the people around them. Or, maybe worse, they feel like the have to hold it together because they are afraid that others will think less of them. This may be the worst thing that we could do to the people.

Lance Hahn wrote this book to help correct that last issue. As a pastor, he understands the response of the church over throughout history. Rather than seeking to lend a hand and help the sufferers of this disease, the church has simply relegated them to individuals who need to pray for relief more or do something that will take away the feelings. Thankfully, there has been a better response throughout the most recent years. Hahn’s book is another step in the right direction.

Hahn’s book is full of personal stories and steps to help deal with the anxiety  that plagues people. As I said before, I do not suffer from this, but I read this book in order to help those that I come in contact with you are paralyzed by this illness. If you or someone you know has trouble with anxiety, Hahn’s book will be an excellent asset to helping manage the symptoms and alleviating the pain.

I received this book for free in exchange for an unbiased review. The words are my own and have not been influenced by the publisher or author in any way.

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