Lessons From A Hospital Bed

At first, you may find this post and book dire and gloomy, but the fact of the matter is at some point we will all either find ourself in a hospital bed or staying at the bedside of someone. We can try and find it, but we will eventually end up there. For that reason, I’m glad John Piper wrote this short book. 

When you are confined to the bed or a small room for countless days and nights, it is easy to lose faith in the God you serve. It is easy to allow your mind to wander to dark places where it typically would not venture. You have to do everything possible to keep your faith alive and remind yourself of things you have known all along. The white walls and glowing lights can cause you to cast your faith to the side and give up hope. 
There may not even be enough paper here to qualify as a book and instead maybe leaflet would be the better classification. Regardless, the two categories and ten statements in each are no less true than the sunrise this morning. Get this writing, cling to it in times of need, give it to others when they need encouragement. 

If you would like to read it for yourself, it is provided by the publisher at this link

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