When I am honest with myself and honest with those around me, I will admit that I struggle with the idea of being qualified for anything that I am attempting. It seems like no matter what I am acing or how much experience I have in similar situations, there is always a thought at the back of my mind as to whether or not I can handle the situation. I do not want to speak for others, but I feel confident that the feeling of being unqualified crosses the mind of many other people every week or maybe even every day.

I have followed Steven Furtick for a few years and regularly listening to his sermons via the Elevation Church podcast. Through hearing him speak, he has mentioned how he h9781601424594as felt and continues to feel unqualified for the task he has and I can certainly understand. I am not sure that many people know the pressure of leading such a large church where the physical demands have to be hard enough to meet and that does not even compare to the spiritual demands.

This book is about finding our qualifications in God instead of those around us. It is about more than simply being able to meet demands, but rather it is about a lifestyle. The weight that we carry, whether a leader or not, can be overwhelming at times. It is too easy to feel like a failure in 2016. Rather than continuing to give thought to where we have managed to fall short, we should strive to live out of a place of acceptance.

All too often Christians feel like they have to get themselves put back in order or manage to control a specific sin before God can use them. Rather than living our lives in this manner, we should lean into the fact that God can and will use us in our brokenness. In fact, broken people are what He is used to working with to accomplish great things.

It is early in 2016, but I can see this being a book that many need to read this year. I would rank it four out of five stars. I have received this book for free from the publisher. My review is my own and has not been influenced by anyone in any way.


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