Breaking Busy

You, my friends, are in for a treat with this review. I turned my blog over to my wife for one post to allow her to speak her thoughts on Breaking Busy, a new book from Alli Worthington.

Do you ever feel “too busy”? Most people would admit they are busier than they should be. In our culture, busyness has been revered as strength, but is ultimately a sign of a deeper weakness. Alli Worthington cuts to the heart of the issue and brings a fresh Christian perspective to this prevalent problem.

1446328145256The cover would not have captivated my attention but the content of Breaking Busy provides practical ways to create a more focused life. Worthington shares personal stories of failure and redemption that gives the book a sense of fiction; however, most readers could relate to the reality of her circumstances. Her fun personality is evident throughout the book as well as a repetitive format in each chapter. The chapters are divided into different area of our lives in which to deal with the busyness making application easier and more methodical. The questions at the end of each chapter are also a wonderful way to reflect and apply the methods Worthington offers.

Although most people know they are “too busy”, we ignore the steps needed to change. Breaking Busy is a great companion in the struggle to balance life and focus our time and energy. This book would be an amazing read for anyone but especially those with a new years resolution to be less busy or stressed.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review. The words written are my own and have not been swayed by the publisher or author.

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