Whatever Is Lovely

whatever_is_lovelyFinally, adults do not have to worry about hiding their “childish” hobbies. At some point during the past year or so, adult coloring books have become all the rage. While many have always recognized their ability to reduce stress, more and more individuals are jumping on the wagon.

Whatever Is Lovely is a lovely example of this. The images are on a one-sided piece of paper, which allows for multiple coloring utensil options. The paper is also one that is thick, but not too thick, if that makes any sense. Each image is intricate enough to make you slow down and reflect on the Scripture or quote without being too tedious to cause you added stress.

I am thankful that these books are becoming more mainstream as I can imagine many adults using this to help relieve the stress of every day life. Now parents can color with their children without having to color another princess or jungle scene. It is something that could be used to help families to draw closer.

I received this book in exchange for an unbiased review from the publisher. The review is my own and has not been manipulated in any form by the publisher.

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