My Type Of Marriage Book

The Dudes Guide To Marriage is my sort of marriage book. I am not an expert on marriage. In fact, I don’t think such a thing exists, but I am finally passed the newly wed stage. People are no longer asking how married life is treating me and I consider that a good indication that I must be doing something right.

This is not my first book by Darrin and I am glad that he asked his wife to have a part in this book. While it is maybe uncommon, it’s a good move. We all need to hear the other perspective on the story. 

The book has ten principles that the Patrick’s believe will help every man to have a happier marriage. While the chapters are short and simple, do not rush through them. Instead allow ample time to reflect on the thoughts contained there. I am sure that the chapters were short to keep the attention of the male reader. 

If you know a husband who needs some work, get them this book. This will probably become a required reading in future pre-marital counseling for the future grooms. It is simply that good. 

While I would argue that this book and any book will not guarantee the success of any marriage, this one will definitely help keep that marriage moving strongly.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review. 

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