A Modern Classic

RagamuffinSpecial300x250Let me say that this book is a modern classic. You do not have to be in a church environment for long before you hear someone talk about the greatest known work of Brennan Manning. This book, The Ragamuffin Gospel will change your life. It is easy to see why the publishers wanted to repackage it as a special anniversary edition. The truth is, they let you know up front that they knew it was nearly flawless in its original publishing and did not seek to add anything to it this time. Instead, they wanted it to be just as powerful and not detract from it.

I admire the honesty of Manning’s writing. He was willing to confront the issues in the church at the time and are still present today. Rather than shying away from telling his story, he opens up and invites you to know his journey and the things he has experienced.

The Ragamuffin Gospel is a book that will leave you determined to seek out the ragamuffins around you. You will not be content to live your life in the same way after reading this book. I would rank this as important as the works of C. S. Lewis in regards to your walk with Christ. You simply need to read this if you’re feeling stale in your faith or even if you feel like you’re blossoming. Every Christian needs to read this book.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

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