A Modern Leadership Memoir

ThiH3_Leaderships is Brad Lomenick’s second book. The thoroughly enjoyed his first one, so I knew I needed to read the second one. It has been about two years since that last book and this one is another breath of fresh air. Rather than trying to be the same leadership expert, Lomenick stands out as his own type of leader.

H3 Leadership is not just a book full of great information, but it is strategically laid out in a way that helps it to sink in to your brain easier. Inside of the book you will find lists and quotes from other leaders around the country and world. Throughout the book you are taken on a journey with Brad. You get a greater glimpse of what has been going through Lomenick’s brain over the past couple of years. In some ways it is a sad story as you get some details into departure from the Catalyst organization. At the same time, you feel happy for Brad as he appears to be in a greater place of joy since relinquishing control.

Lomenick has established himself not just as the face of Catalyst, but now he is working his way to becoming a great leadership coach. He has faced more pressure than most of us will ever know, but as long as he continues to write books, we will continue to have the ability to gain from his experience.

If you are a leader, you need to read this book. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review.


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