It Isn’t Over


Every so often, and truthfully more often than not, I write one of these posts. It seems as if it has become my ritual to come through here and tell everyone that I am still around, I am alive, and I plan on doing something with this blog. This post is no different than those when you get to the heart of it. The one thing that is different is that I do not have an estimated time frame of coming back. Before you go ahead and unsubscribe from me, do know that I am coming back. I cannot make an promises of a return. It may be as soon as next week or it could be as long as the beginning of the year. I do not plan on it taking that long, but who really knows without actually living it.

I used to toss out expectations like next week I will do better because things will calm down or I have only got a couple of more weeks and then my calendar will be empty. As you can see, those weeks have come and gone. I do plan on coming back. I do have ideas that float through my head all of the time. I do have a burning desire inside of me to follow the blinking cursor across the screen and see words form along a page. I cannot give you a firm date of return.

If you want to follow me more closely, you can follow me on Twitter. It seems that I am able to fire off a quick tweet easier than I am logging on and writing an actual post. Please, do not forget that there is more to come. I just need some time to catch up on some stuff I have around and going on in my head. I will be back. In fact, I may be back in black.

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