What Keeps You Up At Night?

I had the privilege to read Pete Wilson’s new book What Keeps You Up At Night that is finally releasing today. I have had it in my hands for quite some time now and finished it a couple of weeks ago. What I have come to expect from Wilson’s books are words and thoughts that will cause me to ponder and reflect on my relationship with God. This book is no different from his others.

For some reason I find it easy to connect with Pete’s writings. I am not sure if it is his word choice, his personal life, or what, but I find myself in some of the same situations he describes almost all the time. However this happens, it does help to allow Pete to speak to the situations that I am facing in my own life. For that I am grateful.

While there were quite a few lines that spoke to me, but there were a couple that really stuck with me. The first is “Waiting also helps us learn the vital lesson that just because a dream is delayed doesn’t mean it is denied.” I feel like this season of my life is a waiting room. This year has been a completely different year for my family. We have had one thing after another after another that seems to have placed us in this waiting room that no matter how much we try to get out of, we are stuck. We have dreams that we are waiting to see fulfilled, but waiting is the hardest part.

The second quote is “Often we desire God’s will but we aren’t willing to accept God’s calendar.” This one follows up from the first, but it is also different. I have seen people who have tried to force their time schedule on to God and it never works out well. We have to trust that God is going to move in his time.

If you have some spare cash that you are debating on what to spend it on, spend it on this book. You can pick it up off of Amazon here for about 25% off right now. That’s astounding for a new release! I highly recommend this book for any person who wakes up at night due to the same dream or fear night after night after night.

I received this book for free from the publisher and my view of it is my own and has not been influenced by them at all.


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