The Start of Something New

I have not been entirely secret about the things going on in my life. I have simply neglected to post anything here. A couple of weeks ago I was let go by my employer. We knew that this was a possibility since the end of January. While it was a shock, it was not completely out of left field. However, I suppose it is for the best. I no longer have the pressure of the uncertainty weighing on my shoulders. It was beginning to take a lot out of me and I am sure dealing with me was not an easy thing to do.

Where does that leave me now? I have been officially unemployed for a couple of weeks. I have read quite a bit and caught up on some of the general administrative things that I had been neglecting. For that I have been thankful. I have not accomplished as much house repairs as I had thought, but I suppose there is always tomorrow.

I have been in contact with a couple of companies about positions. I have nothing in place yet, but have a couple of promising leads. I am trying not to get my hopes up with any leads, but instead play it by ear and allow God to guide these steps. It is a freeing place to be right now, but ultimately I know that there will be some pressure as the funds continue to decrease. I know that our provider is not a job and that He will provide in His time. I just have to keep hanging on to that truth.

I say all that because I do plan on posting more routinely. I have some thoughts that I really want to get typed out and proofed and ready to be viewed by the world. I do not think that these will change the world, but if I do not put them out there to be seen I feel like someone would be missing out on something important. Often, that person may be me and I am at peace with being that person.

How’s your life going right now? Do you have anything interesting keeping you up at night?

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