Book Review: 7 Men by Eric Metaxas

In high school I read more biographies than I do today. I do not have a good reason other than there are so many other things I am wanting to read. The list of things I have sitting on my desk or around the house waiting for me to read seems to grow quicker than I can finish books from the stacks. That reason alone is probably the main reason I do not read many biographies; however, I took a chance on this one. This is the first biography I have read since Eric’s book on Bonhoeffer. Rather than writing an entire book about one individual, Metaxas chose to include seven in this one.

I knew that having seven short biographies in this one book would make for easier reading and hopefully a quick to the point biography instead of getting bogged down in the details and hum drum of the lives. Thankfully, Metaxas focuses on what he believes makes each of these men great. He gives a little bit of background information and then dives right in to the precise reason he included them in this book.

This is not the first book I have read from Metaxas, but I greatly enjoyed it. His writing style was sophisticated while not being overly ornate and hard to comprehend. He wrote in a manner that causes you to feel like you are admiring the events taking place from a distance with a valuable commentary being given.

If you have not read a book from Metaxas, this would be a good one to start with as you can easily get a feel of his writing. It also allows you to finish each short biography without much trouble and introduces you to seven individuals. Some of whom you may never have heard of before.

Overall I would give this a four out of five star ranking. I received this book for free in exchange for an unbiased review.


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