Book Review: Scary Close

I have read most of Donald Miller’s books. I keep up with him on social media. I was excited when it was mentioned that he had written a new book. I remember some of his posts about how he had one finished years ago and then purged it and completely started over. I knew that this would delay his next book. I just did not anticipate it taking this long. Regardless of how long it took him to finish this, the wait was worth it.

Most people either love Miller’s writing style or they hate it. I find myself in the love camp. He writes in a manner that one can easily understand and allows room to breathe when you are reading. Throughout Scary Close he writes from experience. Most of his books are memoirs of his own life and this is no exception. He talks about how he himself grew into someone to marry and eventually found a lady to marry. Miller admits that the process was not an easy one, but it was necessary for his life to continue.

Throughout the book he outlines simple, proactive things a person can do to reconnect through friendships, marriage, and other types of relationships. While the concepts are simple, they are often some difficult things to apply to your life. Taking some of these steps will be scary and they may even bring your scary close to someone; however, the reward is worth it in the strength and quality of your relationships. Miller is right when he says the we often exchange quantity of relationships and friendships for quality ones. We ought to strive for deeper, more meaningful relationships than having an abundance of shallow and hollow ones.

If you have ever wanted to deepen your relationships, this book will help you move in that direction. It may cause you to take steps that no one understands and that is alright. I would rank this book four out of five stars.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review.

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