Book Review: The Uncommon Marriage Adventure

This is the second book on marriage I have read recently. While the other was a more direct book about how to have a wonderful marriage, this is geared to help you day by day. In fact, the Dungys wrote many weeks worth of devotionals to help you and your spouse to learn to love one another and enjoy this adventure of life. There are portions written just for the husbands by Tony and some written just for the wife written by Lauren.

The amount of ideas contained within the covers is well worth the small amount you would spend on this. This one book will provide many hours worth of conversation starters between you and your spouse and will help to make sure the foundation of your marriage is great. I could see this devotional being useful for any married couple regardless of how long they have been together. If you are looking for a devotional to work through with your spouse, this is one of the ones I would recommend. If you know a couple getting married soon, get them this devotional to help start their marriage off on the right foot.

I received this book in exchange from the publisher for free in exchange for an unbiased review.

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