Review: NASB Note-Taker’s Bible

It seems like I have been reviewing a lot of Bibles here lately. I do not know why it has been that way. I suppose I have a mild desire to collect them. It could also be that I understand the flexibility of having them on hand to give out to those who need them when I come in contact with them. Regardless, as I have stated before, it is difficult to review these because you sort of know what you are getting when it comes to the translation. Either you like the translation or you do not. It would be unfair to pick a Bible for review and then rip it to shreds here simply because I do not like the translation. Instead, I try to focus more on the physical aspects of the Bible.

I liked the space provided around the text. There seems to be ample room to get plenty of notes written and it isn’t just to the left and right of the Scripture. There is also space below, which is an added touch. It does require a little bit of getting used to as the text is more squished towards the spine and top, so it looks different on the page as compared to normal books. I also enjoy the fact that it is hard back. I have tried to take notes in Bibles that have soft covers before and while it is possible, it makes it a little more difficult. This makes sure that the back will not cave when pressure is applied. The text size is alright. It could stand to be a little larger as many users may find it difficult to read, but it worked for me.

The one downside is that the pages are a little glossy like and thin. I would have preferred a heavier paper and more matte finish to allow a multitude of pens to work on the pages without smearing. I am confident that this could just be my personal preference as I am sure that most people will not agree with me. This is the only major gripe I have about it.

Overall I would give this Bible four out of five stars. I don’t think I have ever found what I consider a perfect Bible. Plus, this is designed to fit a specific niche of Bible readers. I could see it not being used by many people, but then I could also see it being used by more than I think. If you want a Bible that is in a fairly modern, readable English with ample room for notes, this is it.

I received this Bible for free from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review. The words I have written are my own and are not influenced by the publisher.

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