Rejoice Always

“Rejoice always!” – 1 Thessalonians 5:16, HCSB

It seems so simple and so profound. Words that could easily be recited by a preschooler and yet so moving as if given by George Washington himself. As we head into Thanksgiving, I have some thoughts lined up that will lead through Thursday and potentially Friday. It is based off the sermon from this past Sunday at church. Which, to be completely honest, was more of a guided journey. It was a sermon without a sermon. Sure, it had points, but it did not really add up to what many would consider a full sermon. It was simply a time for reflection and a time for us to pause and reflect. There is nothing wrong with these times, and honestly, we could use more of them.

We broke up the music portion of our service into two songs and two songs. Typically the break happens right after the first song, but in a plan to interrupt the routine, we changed things up for one Sunday only. The word rejoice means to literally take delight in ____. It leaves the blank to be filled in by the person. There are a lot of things that one could take delight in throughout life. If one takes delight simply in who Jesus is and how God is God, one can rejoice always.

The words that the Apostle Paul wrote were not to rejoice simply when things were going your way or when things were simply mundane. Instead, he says to always do it. It is easy to rejoice through the good seasons of life. It is another to rejoice when the rubble is piling up and it is all you can do to get your arm pushed through the rubble. Those are the times that we learn to rejoice in who God is and the salvation He has extended to us more than what happens to be going on in our life right at that moment.

Trying to rejoice today. Be quick to point out where your help comes from. Always take delight in who God is, but start today.


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