I Failed

I know, I know. I promise updates and posting and then never follow through. I am a few days late, but here is a post. There are a couple of things going on right now. We had our Square Harvest event on Friday evening. We had between 350 and 400 children come through to get their share of candy and treats. I was pleasantly pleased at the turnout. It appears the event is gaining momentum and we had more children this year than last despite the cold, rainy weather. I also did my civic duty today and voted. I have opinions about who I believe people need to vote for, but I am more concerned that they do their homework and vote intelligently. Too often people get boxed into a particular party, family affiliation, or a simple name recognition. I would rather vote the issues than the party. That is just me though. I know there are those who differ. The other big news? You’ll have to click through to get there.

You may remember a month or so ago I had a post that was picked up by The Brave Reviews. I am now on board as a regular contributor to the site. As you can see here, my face is plastered on their team page and I could not be more excited about writing more routinely and getting my writings out to more people.

Now, if you’re a loyal and dedicated reader of my blog here, you may be asking yourself some questions. What will happen to this blog? Are you going to be better about getting reviews up for them? What’s your preferred Chick-fil-a sauce? Those are simple questions that I can answer. First, this blog will continue to exist. I am not going anywhere. This will still be my main point of contact and where I do the majority of my writing. After all, this is home. Second, I am going to do better. I have convinced myself that I am going to do much better. In fact, I am actually branching out of simply reviewing books. Over there you will see me reviewing music as well. I am excited about it as it gives me yet another reason to listen to music. Third, I prefer the tried and true Chick-fil-a Sauce. The mixture of barbecue and honey mustard is a delight to the tongue.

I am excited about the future and the things I have to share in the coming weeks and months. And, if you have never heard of The Brave Reviews, hop on over and subscribe to the mailing list. There are a lot of great things currently coming out of us and much more to be revealed.

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