Review: Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own Autobiography

Let me first say that I do not want to get into the values or morals of Harris and his characters on tv. I chose this book simply for the novelty concept. I mean, how can you write an autobiography and also make it a choose your own adventure book? The two seem to be at ends with one another. Does Harris do it well?

Harris did it as well as I suppose it can be done. I did not read the entire thing. In fact, I don’t know how you would know if you read the entire thing. You have two or three pages and then you’re left with two or three options to choose from. The first path I took landed me at “The End” in about fifteen minutes. The other took about thirty, but obviously I must be missing something and by the time I got through the second route, I wasn’t sure what path I took that led me there so I could avoid it the next time through.

The stories of Harris are also a tad on the unbelievable side. I do not know if every story contained within the pages is true or not. Besides, let’s be honest, it’s an autobiography, you have to take the author at their word. The harder part is that you have no real way to read the autobiography of Harris in a chronological fashion. If one were interested in that sort of thing, they would probably be better left to Wikipedia and other online sources.

Overall I would give the book three out of five stars. It is just average. The novelty of the choose your own adventure wore off fairly quick and left a lot of Harris’ story out from what I experienced. I mean, I do not know his story in great detail (or at all) but I am sure I missed some of it. Maybe it is because he wants to hide parts of it or maybe he wants you to continue digging. Either way, I did not have the desire to keep going.

I received this book for free from BloggingForBooks (the publisher) in exchange for an unbiased review.

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