Greater Devotional Review

Honestly, I am shocked it took so long for this book to be released. I read the full book, Greater, when it was first released. The lessons that were contained in the devotional are just as truthful as the thoughts in the book. I know that some people will be turned off by the author, but I am not one of those.

It is not a deep devotional, by any means. It is still good for someone in high school all the way through adulthood. The thought that God is greater than we let Him be and He wants to carry out more through our lives than we ever imagined is one that I have probably heard hundreds of times, but did not give it much thought until the past five years or so. For whatever reason, most Christians prefer to limit God. I suppose it has to do with trying to fit him in a box and also being afraid to opening ourself up to more commitment.

I would recommend the devotional as it will last you almost six weeks and will take you through the major points of the book as well as having time to reflect on the questions posed. If you have not read the book, you will find great information in the devotional. If you have read the book, this is a good summation of the book and helping to recall certain things contained throughout the book.

I received this book in exchange for an unbiased review from the BloggingForBooks program.


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