The Maxwell Leadership Bible Review

As I have said before, it is hard to review a Bible. If you want to point out the issues you have with the translation, you’re better off just avoiding the translation. Regardless, I really enjoyed this Bible. I am a huge fan of John Maxwell. I believe he is one of the greatest leadership minds of the past century. It does not matter whether it is in church, business, or home leadership, Maxwell has a wealth of knowledge that we could all stand to gain from.

The notes are both well thought out and well laid out. Every topic has something that can be applied to your own life. I only wish there were more. Of course, this is probably a minor point of contention. I mean, if Maxwell included everything he knew we would have no reason to read his other books. We would also need a nice size handcart to move the book. Instead, this Bible is a nice size that you can carry around fairly easy, even if it is a full-size Bible.

If you’re looking for a nice Bible that you can gain a lot from that isn’t a study Bible, this is it. The only drawback is you cannot go into it expecting this to be a study bible.  If you do, you will be disappointed.

I received this for free in exchange for an unbiased review from BookLookBloggers.


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