Friday Evening Fun

Maybe the post title is a slight exaggeration. I mean, I have enjoyed my evening thus far and may even be considered fun, but it certainly is not my favorite Friday evening of all time. I am still grateful for it regardless. It has been one of those evenings we have spent at home. But, home is not the entire reason that I am glad I have had this evening.

I’ve processed a lot of thoughts lately. There are some that I can share such as why we have failed to do anything about the situation with ISIS in Iraq, how we got to this point, and how we can prevent it going forward. Others cannot be openly shared as easily.

I say this not because I believe that I am pondering things that are illegal or even immoral, but rather because you cannot expose your entire being to everyone on the planet. One of the main topics going through my mind is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Rather than giving everyone our thoughts, we have to protect the influence others have on our lives and leave it to a few so that we can guard our thoughts. Should we really care what others think that do not know us? If we have never shared a meal with someone, should we care that they do not approve of our actions?

As for me, I like to consider things privately and eventually, at some point, bring them to light for only a select few. It helps to keep the turmoil and whispers down to a manageable level. At this point on this Friday evening, I have done a lot of thinking and still have a bit today about a broad range of topics. I am just glad that I have these evenings to do such a thing. Maybe at some point I will get some of my feelings out in the open and record them here.

What about you? Do you have a favorite thinking place? Do you get discouraged when others attack you?


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