NIV Essentials Study Bible

I have been in a season of reviewing Bibles and as I have mentioned before, it is extremely hard to do so. On one hand it is the absolute word of God so you cannot express your opinion on it. If you do, you have to take it up with God. It’s also a place where one probably should not review Bibles that they have a problem with the translation. If you knew that going in, the review would be skewed. Regardless, I have attempted to do this.

The NIV Essentials Study Bible is a wonderful tool to have in any Christian’s study arsenal. Scripture is obviously the most important part printed part, but the combination of six different resources into one makes it an easily justified purchase. The binding and hardback cover seem sturdy enough to take years of use. The pages are reasonable and should hold up well through many turns and notes and coffee stains.

I found a great deal of value in the notes and other blocks of information throughout this Bible. I would not recommend it for deep study, but for more than casual reading, it fits the bill. The passages give you a lot to think about and ponder as you go throughout your day. The word of God was meant to be meditated on and these notes help.

Overall, I would give this Bible five out of five stars. This does not take into consideration my small issues with the translation, but the Bible is still worthy of purchase due to the combination of many other study tools into a consolidated form.

I received this Bible for free from BookLookBloggers in exchange for an honest review. My words are my own and have not been tampered with by the publisher.


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