In The Midst Of The Rain

It has been a rainy day in the Southwestern part of the Commonwealth today. The rain began pecking my car window as I was driving into the office this morning. I had hoped to make it in before it started, but alas, I did not and encountered only a little dampness on my shirt after walking into the building. I realize I am not from Seattle and thus I have the option to carry an umbrella, but that would be too simple. I ventured back out into it for an hour today around noon and stumbled upon a thought that has been on my brain since I returned.

Today’s rain has been a steady outpouring and not a torrential downpour. This type of rain is better for the soil and gardens to soak it up than the type that floods and chisels paths down the slope. It is better for the land and truthfully, it is better for me too. I do not have to worry about being able to see out the windshield when I am driving my car and it does not completely soak my clothes, which would cause me to catch a cold. It does seem to have its benefits.

I was thinking about how often times people believe that coming to Christ will be that torrential downpour and soaking. They come to Christ and bring their sins, habits, and hurts and believe He will heal them immediately. Yes, I believe Christ does heal all of things, but it may not be as fast as people want. Instead of soaking us to the bone to get rid of our sins, he applies the “rain” a little at a time. Little by little we are made complete. Little by little we grasp greater things of faith. Little by little we are able to walk closer with Him. If Christ were to completely immerse us in His glory at once, we would be stunned and in fact it may not be the best thing for us.

If Jesus were to completely fix our lives, all at once, as soon as we falter we would believe He failed us. Instead of admitting our sins, we would believe that Christ was not enough for us and He was not strong enough to overcome whatever hurts and sins we carry. So, although it may be difficult for us accept, it actually may be in our best interest. Imagine that, the Savior of the world has our best interest in mind when He does something.

In the church world this process is called sanctification. It is different from the experience of salvation which is called justification. The two interconnect in that you are justified once, but your life is a process of sanctification, or, becoming more like Christ. I wanted to clarify this because there is a point of salvation and after that is sanctification. It isn’t that we do not get all of Christ at the point of salvation, but rather that often times, it takes a while for those traits to work towards the outside.

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