Learning to Learn

I am at a weird point in my life. It is hard to admit that sometimes, but the sooner you do, the better. It is not that things are not going well, in fact they are moving along just fine. It is just that I am at a point where I am evaluating everything, removing what is unnecessary, and getting things back on path that have been slightly askew. It is not to say that I am not confident in who I am. In fact, I am probably more confident now than ever before. However, I recognize the benefit of learning to learn.

I am learning to learn again. I am more amazed at what God is doing in my life and the lives around me than I have ever felt before. There is a new excitement and a deeper level that people are wanting. It is good to recognize this and try to stay ahead of the curve; however, I also know that there is a little bit of fear here. I am fairly agile in a mental sense. I can make decisions and lead of my own accord. I can process things and move in general direction without much hesitation, but that is where the fear lies.

I’m learning, again, to learn from God. Seek His face and progress in His will. It’s something that seems so easy at first glance, but has eternal implications. There is always a wish to know people and to make Him known, but learning to learn from Him takes on an entirely different meaning when you begin to drift away from learning.

Pursue God. Pursue Love. Pursue Peace. Everything else will work itself out in the long run. The person you’re impacting today may be the person who cures cancer or runs an orphanage or simply raises their children that will have an eternal impact. Live life with no regrets.

What have you been learning from God? How are you putting your faith into action?


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