Terrific Tuesday

This morning started out like a typical Tuesday morning. I woke up, showered, got dressed, headed out the door to work, and drove there without any distractions. Once there I decided that I was going to get a cup of coffee. In my haste to leave for work, I forgot to grab a banana from the kitchen before I left. When I got here, I’ve noticed my coffee tends to be getting weaker by the cup. I am not sure if that is a correlation with the increasing price of coffee, but I cannot help to think it is a small part. Regardless, it started out as a day that, although not terrible by any means, it could have been better. I sent out a quick tweet about how today was going to probably get worse due to my minor inconveniences. Now, I know that it may seem stupid to some, and quite possibly it really was, but something quickly grabbed my attention.

I was reminded that my small group is meeting tonight and because of that, today was going to be an awesome day. I am grateful to get to do life with an amazing group of people at Church of the Crossroads. As I am getting older and possibly more mature, I am learning the importance of having people around you that really do care about you. An awesome group will allow you to go further than you ever thought possible. They will urge you to keep going when you feel like quitting and they will also help you get there faster. It is worth the investment.

Do you have a love of people? Have you experienced the importance of community? Would you like to experience this joy of community in Southwest Virginia? If so, let me know in the comments.

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