Progress Happens

Life is sort of chaotic at this point. We are in the midst of updating our kitchen all the while maintaining every other facet of our lives. I would not call it a complete remodel, but a refurbishing. Major tasks are or were painting the cabinets, installing a new countertop, and tiling the backsplash. The demolition took a little longer than we thought so out of those three things, we have only managed to paint the cabinets. There are more things to do than just those three things. Maybe I’ll outline it one day with photos since my wife has been a little more keen on taking photos of this renovation than she has the others in the past. Or, maybe not, as I do not want anyone critiquing my skills.

Regardless, more book reviews are coming and more posts are coming. I know I say this fairly routinely, but I promise, there are exciting things happening. You just have to be patient to see them. For me, I am going to try to not fall asleep since we did not get in bed until 1:30 this morning due to this kitchen project. Thanks for hanging around.

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