How High Will You Climb? – John Maxwell

This book is all about attitude. How to get a good one, get rid of the bad one, and develop an even better one. If you have the opportunity I would recommend you pick this book up and give it a read to help you climb higher. I give it four out of five stars simply because it was too short. Want to know why? Click through the break.

John Maxwell is one of the greatest business speakers in the world. Most people do not immediately recognize him as a Christian, but rather as a great encourager. The concepts he has outlined in his books have propelled many people to become great leaders in every walk of life. When I had the opportunity to read this book, I jumped at the chance as I always glean something from his books. 

I struggled with how to rank this book. It is not that it is a bad book, but because it is an adaptation of another one of his books. Think of it as the Cliff Notes version. So, although the book is quite super, it could be better had the other bits of information been included. However, I decided to rank it based solely on what it is and the content that is contained. You would be hard pressed to find another book as full of great information in such a limited number of pages.

The truth contained in the pages is almost overwhelming at some points. One thing I really liked is that throughout the book there is space for you to reflect and name things in your own life that have to change. It was great to see an author that will not only talk about something, but allow space in the book to make it easy for the reader to complete the suggested activities. Overall, I would give this book four out of five stars.

I received this book from BookLookBloggers in exchange for an open and honest review. The opinion I have is my own and has not be encouraged in any way by the publisher.


2 thoughts on “How High Will You Climb? – John Maxwell

  1. Funny, I just posted a review of another of Maxwell’s soon to be released books about growth. I’m with you, I enjoy the more detailed of his books, versus the shorter versions. He certainly has a lot of insight to share from his long career.

    1. He does have a lot to offer. One of the most impacting moments is when I saw him speak a few years back. Before then, I knew he was and had read a few books, but to see the tears in his eyes about how serious he was about his faith gave me a deeper appreciation for him.

      I like the longer ones, but the short ones are no slouch either.

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