Caught In The Middle

Though the calendar tells me the season has turned from winter to spring, the weather has been a little late to receive the news. With just a slight chance of snow Monday night through yesterday morning, I did not expect any drastic precipitation. We were fooled. Schools were out due to the weather yesterday and went on a three-hour delay this morning. Granted, none of it had an impact on my schedule, but it was an interesting situation.

We went to visit my sister and parents last night as it was her birthday. Even though we were only there about an hour, it managed to snow a couple of inches in that time and cover the road. By the time I made the five-minute drive back home, the skies were clear and the stars were shining. It was an odd feeling to have the weather change so drastically in such a short period. It definitely was not what I was expecting.

I believe we have made it through the last snow fall of the spring, but given what has just been demonstrated as well as previous experience, it is hard to tell with Southwest Virginia weather. You go to bed thinking one thing and wake up to see an entirely different situation. I should not have been shocked, but I was.

What is the weather like where you live? Is spring poking its head out of the ground or are you still being blasted by winter? Or, do you live in the other hemisphere where it is summer and turning into fall?


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