Been Here Before

I have been here before. I know it. The feeling is the same and the results are similar. I refuse to be stuck here though. Where am I? I am apparently in a place where I feel I have nothing to write, nothing to share, and a general feeling of complacency. Although, I have been here before, it is not a comfortable place. I would rather be in a place where I feel a burst of creativity or a surge of words that are just screaming to be typed. Instead, I will dwell here until this feeling passes.

I know that by getting more keystrokes in on this keyboard will allow me to curtail this feeling faster, it does not make it any easier. The consistency required to be dedicated to actively engaging in this medium of communication is lacking in my case. I know I will get it back the quicker I write. For that reason, I am writing right now. If I keep the fingers moving, at some point I am bound to strike a nugget worthy of being typed.

Then, there are the people who say that it is necessary to type double the words to get anything reasonable to come out them. So, in the span of this short entry, maybe there have been two or three sentences that would actually make the cut in a book or editorial column. For the those sentences left behind, I suppose they were worth it after all.


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