Windowless World

In my day job, I live in a cubicle. For better or worse I get a lot of natural sunlight, but I rarely see the sun. I can see a sliver of the sky when looking across the top of my cubicle to the outside world. Though it has its challenges and benefits, it is not an ideal situation. Why isn’t it an ideal situation? There are multiple reasons.

The first issue about living in this windowless world is privacy is as nonexistent as your window. You are exposed to everyone coming and going. Want to read a personal email on your computer? You better be ready to share it with the world. Want to look at Facebook? Think twice because you never know when that slightly inappropriate photo someone shared will show up for your coworkers to see.

The second issue is that although I can see a little of the sky, it is never quite right. There are times during the year when you would prefer to see more of the outside world. This has happened a lot of days this past winter when we have received a moderate amount of snow. There are other days where you wish you could pull a curtain on the window because the glare is blaring and you cannot see straight after a few minutes.

The good thing about working in this windowless world is that at least I can see the sunlight. There are a lot of people in this building that cannot see any glimmer of the outside world and have no idea what is happening. For all they know it could be a Sharknado and they have no way of preparing. It doesn’t matter if you have an office here, more than likely you won’t see the sky as most face an interior wall.

Overall there are worse places to work and given the unemployment rate, I am not complaining. I take the good days with the bad. The days when the sun is hidden and it is warm, I am grateful for not scorching my skin. The days when it’s raining I think to myself that I would not be able to see the sun anyway.

What type of work environment do you have? Do you prefer windows? Do you have any interesting stories from cubicle life?


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