Love Does DVD Review

In a somewhat new twist of things I have reviewed, I ventured into a DVD study this go around. I have to say, the results were well worth the branch out in my opinion. The book Love Does by Bob Goff was sort of a sleeper and then became a best seller. It puts me in the mindset of Donald Miller’s books. Bob is not a young person, but this was his first big hit, if you will.

Sadly, I have to admit that I purchased Love Does over a year ago and I still have not read it. Luckily, the DVD study does not require that you read the book. I know there would be benefits to reading the book at the same time, but let’s face it, not everyone wants to read a book in your small group. I mean, it is hard enough to get people to go to a small group, much less read an extra book.

Goff is an interesting guy that seems like your cool uncle that has never quite grown up and that is what makes him so likeable. It seems he has a story for everything and you get to hear some of them as you go through the study. He is a very easy to comprehend speaker and the study encourages us to act on our faith.

It is one thing to know your faith and it is another to live it out. Goff uses this study to encourage us to live our life as God intended and not sweat the small stuff. He tells us that there are going to be instances where we fail and feel like giving up and that is alright, but we need to keep pushing forward. After all, love does.

I give this study a four out of five ranking as there is not a ton of information in here for deep theological discussions, but it was never intended to be that. Instead, it is all about putting your faith into action, which is something that the world needs to see more of.

In exchange for this fair review, I received the product free of charge from BookSneeze.


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