2013 In Numbers

I suppose I could wrap up this year by posting about all the interesting things that I completed. You know, how exciting my fourth trip to New York, New York was. Or that I became the lead pastor of a church plant. Or that I have managed to not get deathly sick for another year, but that does not show tangible reflection. Instead, we need something we can measure. I figured we may as well look at the statistics of this year for this”blog”, if you can call it that. I am a numbers guy by default and even created some fancy charts.

First, let’s look at the total views per month:

Monthly ViewsMarch of this year leads the way with right at 200 views. You failed shortly by not getting me one more. I ended up with 199. The summer months were slow and I can blame that on being busy and spending a lot more time outside than the cooler months. Yard work. Sheesh. What’s a guy to do?

Now, let’s compare the average views per day. After all, that means how many posts are getting looked at on a daily basis.averageperdayAs would be expected, it falls directly in line with the monthly views. Nothing shocking here, but I thought it was worth noting the average of six per day in March versus the one in May and June. Maybe it isn’t the summer months but instead I need to find more interesting content.

Finally, I thought it would be interesting to look at the most viewed topics. In order they were books, life, and BookSneeze. The first and third are directly connected as a lot of my book reviews come from books I receive from BookSneeze to review.

I never set out to be just another book review site, but it has solely managed to turn into that. I think for 2014 I will try to change that. You know, I will still post reviews, but we will talk about more things than just books.


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