Constantly Going

If there is one thing I know as a bi-vocational pastor and church planter, it is that I rarely have the opportunity to slow down. I am constantly moving whether it is running errands for the church on my lunch break, returning phone calls on my way home or leaving near day break to get to the cubicle on Monday mornings, I am constantly moving. I have to intentionally make time to slow down, but that is not the point of this post. What is? Read on.

This afternoon I will leave work a little early and drive to pick up my wife and worship pastor. We will then drive ninety minutes to attend a church service that will last about the same amount of time, and drive back. Some people will think I am crazy, and truthfully, maybe I am a little, but I would not go back to “normal” for any amount of money in the world.

You see, I am going and will hopefully get to share some of my story as a church planter and the things I have seen and been through. Yes, I am one of those people who will drive simply to be involved somewhere. I will travel long distances, even if it inconveniences me a little. There was an old television show called Have Gun Will Travel. For me, it’s more like Have Bible Will Travel.

I am looking forward to my visit at Crosspointe Community Fellowship in Bluefield tonight. In fact, it may even convince me to move to Bluefield. Nah. I doubt it.

Would you be willing to put in time on a work night for another organization? Is there anywhere I should go? Would you invite me?

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