Cooperating Churches

I consider it a great success that I have been convicted to write again in such a short period. After yesterday’s post, I was thinking, I really think I could post something every day this month. Sure, I will probably fail, but at least I will try. So, for today’s thankfulness, continue reading.

For today, I have to say I am thankful for other churches that see the need and the knowledge that by given freely, their ministries will be blessed. I am sure a multitude of churches that do this, but there are a few in particular that pop in my mind. They are Elevation Church, NewSpring, and LifeChurch.

Because of their generosity, small churches like Church of the Crossroads is able to have high quality graphic designs and curriculum at no cost. This is large cost that someone else has carried and as such, it is a blessing to us and others. I mean, you can download free children’s curriculum to save you some cash and time.

Their own displays of generosity have helped to ward off my own feelings of being secretive with my own ministry resources. Rather than protecting my sermons and any ideas I have as my own, I have decided that I will freely give them out as a blessing to others. I know that the world is much larger than just the people I can reach and our church can reach. If there is something we are doing that can be done somewhere else, then by all means, do it. Feel free to reach out to me and I will try and help you as best as I can.

So today, that is what I am thankful for. Churches that understand the power of giving back because they have been given much. It makes life easier for smaller churches, church plants, and pastors everywhere.


Here are the links to the churches I mentioned above. They do require registration, but it is free and they do not spam you. Most emails I have received have simply been to let me know of new resources they have added.

Elevation Church:

NewSpring Church:



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