November Already?

It seems as if it is November already. I cannot believe it, but that is what my feet are telling me after a Trunk Or Treat last night and the calendars around me are telling me today. I look back over the past year and it seems like a blur. I suppose it is supposed to do that because you know that you are moving closer towards death and you should be thankful for the time you have. Speaking of thankfulness, there is the typical Facebook game that is being played right now. Every day during November you are supposed to let people know what you are thankful for. Will I do that here? I don’t know.

Part of me wants to do it as I think it would urge me to post every day during November. Plus, it would give me something to actually post about. I see and experience many things in my daily life that would be great topics for posts, but rarely do they seem as good typed out as they do in my head. Having a set direction would be a great help.

So, today, I shall do just that. I shall give one thing that I am thankful for that is at the front of my mind. After yesterday’s Trunk or Treat that our church coordinated, I would have to say I am thankful for them. The members that make it up and their generous hearts and willingness to serve. It is astounding what can be accomplished if people are willing to pull together.


Hopefully there are more events and opportunities coming for us to be a light in this world and our chance to give someone the hope of Christ. We should not wait until there are large events like this to share our faith, but I want to make sure that we create environments where people can share it easily. It is one of the scariest things to do and what could make it any easier than sharing it with a parent of a blue monster or a princess?

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