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If you know anything at all about me, you know I have a decent career as an accountant going on. The pastor thing is new to me and because the church is not in a place to pay a lot in salary, I work a full-time job. I believe that this is good for a few reasons, but that can wait until a later post. What I will tell you is that yesterday I was able to get a website up and running. That was an adventure that I will never forget and another thing I can add to my resume.

We had needed a new website for the church for some time. The build was taking almost as long. In fact, I started building it back in May; however, I got busy and it got placed on the back burner. After our worship pastor moved back, he took it by the horn and got it finished. We had been waiting for a while to go live with it to make some last changes.

Yesterday we got it close enough to go live with and decided to push the button. Dreadfully though, we found out there is no easy button to push when it comes to pushing a website out to the public. Oh sure, we could have made the URL redirect to the new site, but what fun is that? It looks sloppy and you can tell it was the easy way of doing it. We decided we were going to put it out there without the redirect.

After what appeared to be multiple crashes and losing all the work we had spent hours completing, I was brave and started getting into the SQL databases. I know nothing when it comes to programming and a slight bit more when it comes to web design. By reading everything I could and probably with some luck, I was able to get it live.

It took a few minutes to get it to completely work and we still had to adjust some of the links and such, but it is now live and I do not expect doing an overhaul to that degree for some time. Personally, I love it and think it is a huge improvement over the previous one.

If you would like to check it out you can get there by clicking here. It is built on WordPress, which is the same premise that I am using for this blog, so I happen to know my way around decently.

Do you have any stories to tell of launching a website? Have you considered launching one? Is there anything holding you back?


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