Rethink The Possibilities

I analyze. By that, I mean, I analyze everything. It’s what I do. I am not sure if it is part of who I am or simply something I do. I also tend to over-analyze things. If I am forced to make a decision, I see the scenario playing out fourteen different ways in my brain and I have twenty-seven different options of how I would respond to each of those instances. My brain runs wild in those situations. It isn’t something that I am always proud of, but if you are ever stuck in an emergency situation with me, I know where the closest building exit is as well as where is the most likely section of said building to withstand an earthquake. This may seem like a positive thing, but often it is a downfall.

My thought process is sometimes circular and rarely has a path that can be traced. Each and every thought pattern is different. There are occasions where I wish I could go back and remember why I chose a particular path when a similar event arises, but I can never retrace my thoughts exactly. That is part of the reason I know I have to pick a decision and go with it. I cannot constantly go back and review it after I have made a decision.

If I am riding with someone I can often tell you more about the vehicles around us than the driver. I cannot tell you the exact specifics, but I am good enough at quickly recognizing the make, model, and color of the vehicles as well as the state they are from. If only I could get to the point of memorizing license plates and the year of the car.

My biggest downfall is that I tend to over-analyze people. I have a bad habit of predicting what people are going to do based on their earlier behavior in a similar situation or what I know about them. Often this leads to frustration and turmoil as I try to guide people in a direction I think they ought to go. It rarely ends up well.

In a world this size, I cannot help but think a few people out there who tend to over-analyze things. After all, I like to think of every decision as a choice that could have a lasting impact.

Are you one of those people who over-analyze things? Do you have any advice to give to someone looking to avoid this? Is it possible? Would it helped if I laid off the coffee a little?


2 thoughts on “Rethink The Possibilities

    1. It’s a hard balance to find. I believe part of the problem is we have either over-analyzed in the past which led to missed opportunities or problems or we haven’t analyzed at all and it paid off. We cannot seem to find a balance in what is appropriate.

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